On Life's Path

With Psychic Guide, Christine Rossini

We are not without a map, nor do we walk alone.

We are NOT without a map to our Life Path. There are signposts or clues as to why we’ve endured what we have, why we are where we are, and what lies ahead for us to face. Each experience is explicitly necessary to our personal evolution; no matter how unsettling that theory may seem upon first awareness. Our current life is, without exception, a spin-off of our last, a continuance of our spiritual growth. There are things we experienced or learned - or didn’t, more often than not - that we’ve chosen to expand upon here and now. There are tools we brought with us to help us succeed our quest. There are challenges we’ve designed to test our resolve, to increase our consciousness and knowledge. There are Guides that walk with us from the barrier of our existence. There are Guides that walk with us here on Earth.

I am not another Psychic.

I am a Guide.

The Journey of a Million Miles...

It’s quite the journey we’ve embarked on. How many times have we questioned our ability to endure? Please know that the fact we’re here, in this day and age, is a testimony to the greatness of our Spirits. This world is not an easy place to get by in. Yes, it would have been much simpler had we just stayed home. I suppose the difference is reading a book about Europe and going to Europe to experience that great continent for ourselves. That is Life. We could have made the choice to stay home and learn about Life from the sidelines. But we didn’t. We’re here. We are travellers. We are explorers. We are students. We are collectors. We are in way over our heads!

Or, at least, this is how it feels sometimes.

Because the world is very big. And sometimes we feel very small.

Tread with Care...

The next time you drive through the countryside, safely pull over, get out of your car and take a good look around. Soak in the beauty with the appreciation of new eyes. And remind yourself that God made that beauty for you. Because that is how important you are to Him. Your value and purpose on this planet is innately yours, it cannot be compare, and its merit cannot be measured. Your potential is as expanding as the landscape. And while you may not know what lies beyond the range of your vision, that unknown would not inhibit you should you choose to explore further. So, why should your life be any different?

Please stop and pull over. Get out of your head and take a good look around. Soak in your accomplishments, your triumphs, your greatness. Remind yourself that you wrote this life for you. Because that is how important your evolution is to You. Your mission on this planet is vital. And while you may not know what lies beyond this moment, fear of that unknown should not inhibit you from taking the next step.

Welcome to Your Life Path.

Please tread with care.